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MARA partners as co-organisers and contributors to Mobile Tartu 2020 International Virtual Conference

The 7th mobility research conference Mobile Tartu was held on 30 June, bringing together leading human mobility researchers from around the world. More than 240 participants from 48 countries contributed to the event.


The need to analyse people’s location and mobility is very important in today’s society. This was the case before the coronavirus outbreak when people travelled a lot, and this is the case in the situation of limited mobility. There are increasingly more data sources that help analyse people’s everyday spatial location.

The conference Mobile Tartu 2020, organised by the Mobility Lab and the Institute of Computer Science of the University of Tartu, focused on the theoretical and methodological aspects of the use of various mobility data (for example, mobile positioning and social media data), and the application of these data in statistics, in smart city and transportation development, and human mobility research.

MARA project partners contributed to the conference with the following presentations:'Using multiple data sources to analyse mobility demand in touristic remote areas around the Baltic sea' - Presenter: Tobias Heldt. Prepared by: Tobias Heldt, Daniel Brandt/University of Dalarna;  Age Poom, Janika Raun/University of Tartu; Ewa Glińska, Ewa Rollnik- Sadowska, Urszula Ryciuk/Byalistok University of Technology; Kimmo Nurmio, Kari Oinonen, Kati Vierikko/SYKE.'Visualising actual mobility flows by using different digital datasets: Applying Population Mobility Monitor in Tartu and its surroundings' - Janika Raun, Age Poom/University of Tartu.

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Text: content of this news article was partially taken from the official press-release of the conference, published on 30.06.2020 by the University of Tartu 

Picture: by Videal Productions OÜ. Source: University of Tartu