MARA Webinar 8th June 2021

On 8 June 2021, MARA partners organized a webinar with the aim to share experiences among projects and project partners and discuss drivers and barriers to flexible forms of transport services in remote areas.

The webinar comprised a number of great presentations from KOMOB and the MAMBA project, along with guest speakers from Modena in Italy presenting results from the REGIAMOBIL, YOUMOBIL and RUMOBIL projects.

The presentations were followed by an interactive feedback session via JamBoard, through which participants identified drivers, barriers, enablers and recommendations for the future of the project, taking inspiration from best practices in other projects.

The presentations and agenda can be found below:


Setting the scene: Different forms of flexible transport services // Prof. Udo Onnen-Weber (KOMOB)

Experiences from Vidzeme (LV): Findings from piloting on-demand transport models // Kristine Malnaca (Vidzeme Planning Region, Partner of the MARA and the MAMBA project)

Experiences from Vejle (DK) and Bielsko District (PL): Rural car sharing and transport on-demand // Jakob Marcks (REM Consult, MAMBA project)

Experiences from Modena (IT): Survey on demand responsive services // Daniele Berselli (Agency for mobility and local public transport of Modena, Partner of the REGIAMOBIL project) & Cino Repetto (T Bridge, Partner of the YOUMOBIL / RUMOBIL project)

Experiences from Ludwigslust-Parchim (DE): Setting up a comprehensive timetable-based call-a-bus system // Carsten Beyer (Lead Partner of the MARA project)