Development on an integrated mobility plan for the Sälen/Trysil and the Åre areas

This pilot/study case will take place in the Sälen/Trysilarea, Sweden (main case) and the Åre area, Sweden (follower case).

Main challenges:

Trafikverket has a need to improve methods, models and processes in the early phase of infrastructure planning for remote areas with an extensive tourism industry. Trafikverket’s approach in MARA is to develop the dialogue between municipalities, other public organisations, business and citizens in winter resorts in the Sälen/Trysil area (main case) and the Åre area (follower case). These areas have the common goal to further develop their tourism industry in a sustainable direction. This implies developing and improving public transport solutions to access these areas.

The pilot cases:

The main focus will be to develop an integrated mobility plan for the Sälen/Trysil area where gender aspects are included. New digital tools and technologies will be tested in the planning process. The generalisation of the results and their applicability to other tourist destinations will be evaluated using Åre as a follower case. Trafikverket will work together with the University of Dalarna in the development of the integrated mobility plan. The University of Dalarna will develop digital tools for visualising mobility patterns in the main case and how they may be impacted by investments or other actions.

Partners developing this case: